The list below is not intended to represent all of the career opportunities available.

Please note:  Although placement assistance is provided, employment is not guaranteed.

  Salon & Spa                                 Travel                                      Education                                           Sales

  • Hair Designer                       

  • Makeup Artist

  • Esthetician

  • Color Specialist

  • Nail Technician

  • Waxing Specialist

  • Salon/Spa Manager

  • Salon/Spa Owner

  • Salon/Spa Trainer

  • Platform Artist           

  • Private Consultant

  • Salon or Corporate Sales Director

  • Salon Education Director

  • Retail Product Educator

  • Academy Educator*

  • Corporate Educational Director*

  • Academy Educational Director*

  • Retail Manager

  • Advertising/Marketing Director

  • Account Executive

  • Manufacturer's Rep

* May require additional certification or licensure.

Those who choose to enter the professional beauty industry are taking the first step toward a rewarding and exciting future.  But to really reach the top and make the best possible use of individual talent and artistry requires an exceptional eductation.  A Pivot Point education is just that; it is an education that works for everyone.